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SiteFinder GPS started as a solutions provider to the Oil and Gas industry in 2005. Our original focus was on building a product called OilTrax Canada. OilTrax Canada is a navigation product that provides customers with turn by turn directions, via a Garmin GPS, to an LSD. Based on positive customer feedback from our OilTrax product we soon after expanded our product offering to include a similar product for the Agricultural market in Western Canada called FarmTrax. After years of providing niche products for use on Garmin GPS products, in Western Canada, we have further expanded to provide smartphone versions of our OilTrax product for both Canada and the United States. In addition, our OilTrax product, for Garmin GPS, has just recently been released in select regions of the United States.

In addition to selling thousands of copies of our OilTrax & FarmTrax products we have gained added recognition as the largest Distributor of Garmin GPS products in Western Canada. Currently, SiteFinder provides Garmin GPS products as well as our navigation software to 250+ authorized dealers in Western Canada. With our recent addition of United States based products we continue to grow not only our dealer channel but our product offerings throughout the United States.

SiteFinder GPS will continue to build on our past success by working closely with both our dealers and our customers to continuously deliver quality niche navigation solutions. Please feel free to contact us if you or your company feel that you have a niche opportunity that you would like to discuss with us.

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