OilTrax Canada Update Page

Note: To purchase OilTrax PLUS customers must have already purchased the OilTrax Canada or OilTrax Canada TOPO Edition software.

SiteFinder GPS is continually gathering new and improved data to help us enhance and keep the OilTrax software as robust and up-to-date as possible. With over 40,000 copies of OilTrax out in the field we know that you find value with our product and we know that you rely on OilTrax to provide you with complete, accurate, and current data.

OilTrax Plus provides you with unlimited access to the most current version of the OilTrax software along with advanced search tools and additional site specific information.

OilTrax PLUS updates include:

New road information
New wells and facilities
New trails and cutlines
General map data

OilTrax PLUS also supplements our standard OilTrax package with the following:

Enhanced wellsite / facility search features

Access to additional wellsite / facility information

Site specific map icons:

 Wellsites   Batteries   Other Facilities   Water Source

Update frequency - continuously compiled and released on a monthly basis. OilTrax PLUS updates are accessible at any time via our easy to use online updater.

Cost associated with this addition - $49.95 – unlimited access.

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