OilTrax Canada for iPhone Updates

OilTrax iPhone users can access free updates direct from the iTunes store when they are posted.

Recent Updates (V1.4):

-Map Style Improvement
-OilTrax POI Database Update
-Vehicle Icon Fix
-General App Bug Fixes

 Version 1.2 Update: 

The following are features and improvements that have been incorporated into our updates as suggested by our community.

New Features:

-Vehicle Icons: Allows users to select different vehicles
-Routing Options: Allows users to select how they would like to be routed (shortest distance, fastest time, etc.)
-Re-Routing Options: Allows users to change re-routing settings to automatic, off, or prompted. You can also change the delay time before you are re-routed.


-Core Map SDK update including improved data set
-When giving directions music from iPod/iPhone will mute
-Search option for recently found and favourite POI locations
-Flags displayed for end of route
-Added BC oilfield data
-Added GPS map icons

If you have any features that you would like to see incorporated or bugs you have encountered please post in our forum .